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Build your own String®

As the name implies, you can Build Your Own String® combination. It is easy, fast and fun! Drag and drop desired parts from the left

side menu and create your own unique combination. You can follow the simple instructions below.

1. Choose your side metal panels on which the shelving, desk and cabinet elements hang. Floor panels are 200cm, 115cm or

85cm and 30cm deep. Wall mounted panels are 75cm or 50cm and 30cm or 20cm deep.

2. Choose your shelves. Shelves come in pack of 3 and are either 58cm or78cm and 30cm or 20cm deep. They also come in

several finishes of wood (pack of 3) or metal (pack of 1).

3. Once you have your basic String® system you can add further elements. You can choose a work desk or a kitchen table,

magazine shelf or shoes rack, cabinets with sliding doors for extra storage or cabinets with drawers.

4. The final touch is to choose the accessories. You can choose an organiser set or a magazine holder. Also you can transform

your String® to create your open wardrobe and choose the rail system.

Play with colours, materials and when perfected after your taste and needs save it, print it or send it straight to us in order to make your order.

*Delivery time: 6 weeks aprox.