Delivery Information

Delivery Information

After the completion of the order, you will see the message YOUR ORDER IS COMPLETED, as we have sent you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.

By ELTA courier

*We offer free delivery in Greece for orders above 60.00 € and up to 8 kg weight

The order is sent through the network of ELTA courier for light and small packages.

Delivery days are from Monday to Friday. Delivery is provided with an additional charge of € 3.00 on Saturday if requested in the comments of the order. Shipping costs up to 3 kg weight are set at € 3. For each additional kilo the charge amounts to 0.80 €. In the shipment with cash on delivery order, the charge is set at € 3 up to 3 kg weight (ORDERS ARE NOT SHIPPED AS CASH ON DELIVERY FOR HIGH VOLUME PARCELS AND OVER 120 EUROS OF COST ). Shipping to areas outside the city limits of the ELTA courier network (inaccessible) with delivery within 2-3 working days, the respective official price list is valid.

With Transport Company

For heavy and bulky parcels, the shipment is made with a transport company. The charge is € 15 per package up to Athens. The parcel is picked up by you from the headquarters of the transport company.

In any case, after checking the order, we will contact you to suggest the most economical solution when it comes to bulky packages.

Online orders are processed the same day or the next business day without receiving an update. You will receive information if for some reason your order is delayed for more than 3 working days to be sent.

In case of non-delivery of the shipment through the fault of the recipient, it is returned to the original sender the next working day after prior notification. Extension of the delivery time of the shipment can be given, only after the instruction of the sender.