About Us

Behind Archaetypon Soul Design etc.

The founders behind Archaetypon Soul Design etc., Maria Schoinaraki and Evangelos Tzanopoulos, started working together for Architectural projects in April 2018. Besides being working partners, they are partners in life since 2016.

Maria and Evangelos come from two different backgrounds, which means that together they stand strong. 

Maria is from a creative background. She studied in United Kingdom Architecture and she runs her own Architectural office since 2013. As Architect, Maria has win 2 awards in 2019, the 1st place in Best Hotel Design, and in 2020, the 3rd place in Best Retail Store Design. 

Evangelos has the economic and construction background. After his studies, he worked for companies that they were dealing with wood and leather. He had played a big role in growing those companies. Later in 2018, he became part of Maria's Architectural office, which they still run.

After working in different sectors and two years of collaboration, the idea of beging something new that they will combine the two backgrounds grew.

The Architectural background became the foundation for a new brand that Maria and Evangelos began to work on at the same time. It absolutely had to have to do with Architecture, design and creativity.

In August 2020, Archaetypon Soul Design etc. was born!